NRHA gibt neue Regeln bekannt

Ab 1.1.2017 treten die folgenden Regeländerungen in Kraft:

APPROVED – Rule Changes
• 68-01-17: No longer requires mandatory cross entry into Rookie 1 or Rookie 2 if showing in Prime Time Rookie

• 76-01-17: Requires Show Secretaries to be recertified every two years

• 77-01-17: Clarifies that medication testing fees are included in the list of show-related fees

• 82-01-17: Clarifies conditions regarding added monies in Category 1 Open classes

• 86-02-17: Clarifies procedures regarding donated trophies

• 88-01-17: Clarifies rules in regards to NRHA World Title

• 105-01-17: Allows the creation of a judges approval and testing policy

• 111-01-17: Use of Bluetooth headsets will result in a no score, excluding para reining

• 152-01-17: Provides a more specific definition of obvious lameness

• 154-01-17: Updates the Penalty Score Zero section of the NRHA Judges Guide to include circles that are completed incorrectly

Failed or No Action Taken
• 44-01-17: Add a section in disciplinary action that matched the Code of Ethics that must be on file for an NRHA Professional

• 65-01-17: Limits Non Pro exhibitors to one entry per aged event class

• 65-02-17: Clarify snaffle bit or hackamore rules

• 66-01-17: Allow youth to compete in aged events without eliminating them from rookie eligibility

• 71-01-17: Create a Ranch Reining class

• 77-02-17: Create a Rider’s Representative at NRHA events

• 86-01-17: Would require that only Open and Non Pro classes in ancillary show to award a Lawson trophy

• 89-01-17: Eliminate the Certificates of Achievements

• 66-02-17: Restrict riders from cross entering the 13 & Under and Short Stirrup at the same show

• 96-01-17: Create a Walk Jog Reining class

• 109-01-17: Clarifies ties in Freestyle classes


Quelle: NRHA

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